These rules are the Official Local Rules for Tazawako Ski Resort and surrounding area. In order for winter sports to be enjoyed safety, we ask that each skier and snowboarder take individual responsibility and share the rules with others as they engage in their activities.

1. Restricted areas
(1) Entry into areas outside of ski resort’s managed areas-as determined by Tazawako Ski Resort- is prohibited unless the conditions of Section 2 below are met. Additionally, entry into restricted areas or closed courses is not allowed even if they are within the ski resort’s managed areas.
(2) Please obey signboards, signs, rope boundaries, and instructions from ski resort staff and ski patrols. Violators may have their lift tickets confiscated and be ejected from the resort.

2. Regarding skiing outside of the ski resort’s managed areas
(1) We ask that people who will take ski lifts or Panorama Snowcat Tour(Akita-Komagatake Winter Panorama Tour) and exit the managed area make sure that they fill out and turn in their Back Country Area Pass Request Form at ski center (Rera or Kamoshika) information area, Snowcat Tour Desk, or online, and then pick up their pass and put it in the pass case.
*Panorama Snowcat Tour participants can fill out and turn in the form as set together with the Tour Agreement.
(2) Do not go past rope boundaries. Entry into areas outside of managed areas is only allowed from set locations (Panorama Snowcat Tour Goal Location and the Ginrei Lift #3 upper location).
(3) Outside of managed areas, there are dangers such as trees, builders, sudden terrain changes (snow cornices , cliffs, mountain streams), and avalanches. For this reason, we ask that you be sure to carry basic equipment for snowy mountains(Beacons, probes, scoop s, etc.).

3. Responsibilities of customers who are outside of ski resort managed areas/inside restricted areas.
(1) Regarding accidents etc. that take place outside managed areas/inside restricted areas, the ski resort management accepts no responsibility.
(2) If search and rescue activities are undertaken in response to accidents etc., those involeved will be billed for fees as linked list.